The Myth of Free Trade

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement is the subject of a new Canadian film Hoodwinked: The Myth of Free Trade. The film is out in limited screenings, as well as DVD.

This film sheds some light on:

  • The Canadian Wheat Board
  • Softwood Lumber
  • Foreign Ownership
  • The environment
  • and North American Integration

The Trailer for Hookwinked: The Myth of Free Trade can be seen below.


One Response to “The Myth of Free Trade”

  1. naught101 Says:

    “a Nation [Canada} that serves OUR interests of OUR people and raises OUR standards of living”

    it looks interesting, but I don’t really think you can knock america’s policies with a line like that. it’s the third world that needs help to save itself from america’s foreign policy, not canada.

    I agree, the free market system ain’t. it’s a fucked system, but really, it’s not that fucked for me here in aus, or you in canada. it’s really fucked for the people getting no recompense to support it in asia, south/central america, africa and elsewhere. if the film recognises that, then all power to it. if not, isn’t it just supporting the system it’s purports to oppose?

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